McLarty Family

The McLarty family were a prominent pioneering family in the Murray District and a prominent family in Western Australian politics for nearly 70 years. 


Edward McLarty and his family at Edenvale, c1900.
John and Mary McLarty, arrived in WA in 1839 from Scotland and settled into life as successful farmers. They had 11 children including Edward who built historic Edenvale.


By 1888, Edward McLarty had six children of his own, William Ernest, Amy, Edward Aubrey, Donald, Neil and Douglas, and the pressure of a large family required the building of a larger house than Liveringa, their then residence. The new house, a few metres south-east of Liveringa, was called Edenvale, and incorporated one of Liveringa's sheds into its west wing. 


Edward McLarty held a seat in the Legislative Council for 22 years and his seventh son, Sir Ross McLarty, held a seat in the Legislative Assembly and became Premier of the State of WA.



McLarty Family Genealogy

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