Old School House Pinjarra

Daniel Congdon arrived in Pinjarra in 1857, as Government Schoolmaster, and in 1860 a small school house was erected, not far from St John’s Anglican Church. This was washed away in the 1862 flood and a new school house was constructed on higher ground.


In 1871 a request was made to the General Board for a well at the Pinjarra School, but denied. The matter was raised again in 1881, this time permission was granted.


In 1887 a requisition for a verandah was made to the central board, something was done, but with the cost of maintaining the building becoming very expensive and the building being too small to meet the school needs, a replacement was required.


The existing building was constructed in 1896, with the contract awarded to R Green for the sum of 79.16.10.


The building consisted of two rooms – one quite large, with entrance-cum-cloakrooms for boys and girls, plus a small room for manual training. This building served the community until the early 1920’s when a new and larger building was erected in McLarty Road. Accommodation was also constructed for the teacher in 1896 in front of the school facing the church.


The old school house was then used, as a courthouse and subsequently as the Road Traffic Office, the Parish Hall for St John’s Church and is currently used by a community quilters group to produce and display their wares.

Murray Districts Historical Society • Old Schoolmaster's House, Henry Street • Edenvale Precinct • Pinjarra Western Australia