About the Exhibit

Please note, this exhibition has now closed.


Information from the exhibit is available on file. Please contact the Murray Historic Society located in the Old Schoolmaster's House, Edenvale for further details.


The James Street, Pinjarra Exhibition and display ran from September 2016 through until March 2017.


Visitors were able to learn about the people and stories from this facinating and historical street.


The exhibit focused on the residents and businesses that were operating in James Street in the middle of the 20th century. 



Why James Street?

James Street has long held a position of importance in the centre of Pinjarra. It has included, from the early days, many private homes, some still remaining and various public buildings, service centres, business outlets and retail services.


Many of the homes have kept a strong family link over the years, that link being passed from one generation to the next.


Businesses and community centres in the street have included the following:

District Hospital and Medical Centre; Post Office; Power Station; Police Station; Court House; Catholic School and Convent; Garage; Hotel; Guest Houses, Bowling Club many and varied shops and of course, the famous Copper Kettle restaurant.


Murray Districts Historical Society • Old Schoolmaster's House, Henry Street • Edenvale Precinct • Pinjarra Western Australia