Shops & Businesses in James St

James Street was, and still is, noted for its concentration of shops and businesses.


Most shops and trades people have been located near the George Street end of James Street.


However, other shop keepers such as Mr Parkhill have operated shops further west.


Shopping has, in many ways, changed greatly from the 1930s to the 1970s.


But shopkeepers, tradespeople and service providers always felt that they knew what the townspeople wanted. Good could always be acquired in Pinjarra, and James Street became an important provider.


Or goods could be brought from Perth by train in a very short time.


Shopping in Pinjarra.


In the 1930s, shopping was quite easy for many residents. Most tradesmen came to them,


The Butcher came in his cutting cart, until hygiene restrictions came about.


Orders were then collected from homes and soon after delivery by the assistant who rode his bicycle. He had a large, container basket on the front of the bike.


The Rawleighs man delivered toiletries from his car, while deli items, including meats and cheeses, came with travelling salesmen.


The Grocer, the Milko, the Baker and the Fishmonger all delivered. Shopping had few hassles!

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