February 2020




Located at the Old Schoolmaster's House, Edenvale Heritage Precinct, Pinjarra. 
Opening hours from 11am to 3pm on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.




First General Meeting for 2020 , Wednesday 26th February at 7 pm

The Murray Districts Historical Society will hold its first General Meeting for 2020 at the Edenvale Precinct on Wednesday 26th February at 7pm.  Focus of the meeting will be the arrival of Trains in the 1890’s and their effect on the history and development of the Murray District.   

Supper will be served at the conclusion of the meeting.

  • Cost:   Members, $2             Non-members, $5 

For further information, please contact our Secretary, Dawn Hodgkinson, by email: led.zep@live.com.au or President, Penny Hoffman, on 0407 422 771


Do You Know That?

There is a heritage trail in Pinjarra which will take you on a wonderful journey of discovery.  Maps of the Trail are available at the Schoolmaster’s House or at Edenvale Homestead.  Follow the Trail along George Street and note the heritage buildings so well restored by the Shire of Murray.  Wander through Cantwell Park and take a stroll around the river, passing the historic St John’s Church and its graveyard before returning to the heritage precinct within the bounds of Edenvale.


As you move along the east side of George Street you will notice the buzz at the Court House, built in 1938 to replace the original Court House built in 1864.  The last ‘hearing’ at the current building occurred in 2002.  Today the Court House has become a contemporary space where small businesses and art groups can co-work and co-create.


Follow our monthly articles in the Community Newspaper for more information about the history and heritage buildings of Pinjarra and the Murray District.


There is much more to learn about our history so do come along to read of the history at the Murray Districts Historical Society at the Old Schoolmaster’s House, Edenvale Precinct Pinjarra.


For more photos and stories of the rich history of the Murray, look at our Website murrayhistory.org.au/home for more information.


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Do you have an interest in the history of Pinjarra and the Murray Districts?

We are always looking for more volunteers to assist with the opening hours on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 11am to 3pm and with our various projects.


If you would like to become one of our volunteers, please advise

Jill on 0408 846 567 or by email alanjill37@hotmail.com


For information about the Murray Districts Historical Society, its membership and its activities, please visit us at Edenvale during opening hours or contact Dawn Hodgkinson, Secretary by email led.zep@live.com.au

Murray Districts Historical Society • Old Schoolmaster's House, Henry Street • Edenvale Precinct • Pinjarra Western Australia