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Located at the Old Schoolmaster's House, Edenvale Heritage Precinct, Pinjarra. 

Our volunteers are there to greet you on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am – 3 pm, or by appointment.


The aim of the Historical Society is to research, collect, maintain and share stories of the Murray District that stretches from North Dandalup to Coolup, from West Murray to Dwellingup – and including the vibrant town of Pinjarra.  We have a well maintained local history library, interesting displays and a large collection of photographs, documents, and display books.


VOLUNTEERS … would you like to become one too? 

We have a strong membership of enthusiastic people and are always looking for additional members to join us.  If you have a love of history, in particular of the Murray District, or if you have information to share, please visit us.  And if you like what you see, consider becoming a member of our group.  Our general meetings with a guest speaker are open to visitors.  Other events, including bus trips, are available to members.  All visitors are welcome to browse our collections during our ‘open’ hours or by appointment. 


2024 - How exciting! The New Year has arrived.


New Events in 2024

Murray Districts Historical Society continues to hold interesting events throughout the year.

Very soon our Calendar of Events 2024 will be available indicating the exciting events for Members of the Murray Districts Historical Society throughout 2024 – and anyone else who just might be interested to become a new Member!


7-9pm Tuesday 20th February 2024 – General Meeting of Murray Districts Historical Society.

to be held at the Lesser Hall Pinjarra (next to the Library).

Guest Speaker: Bevan Carter - Historian

Topic:  Another Tale of St John’s Church graveyard burials:

“William Caverley Bateman, convict and Pinjarra resident”.

Attendance at all General Meetings costs $2 for members and $5 for visitors. 

Supper follows the meeting. 

If you would like to join us at the next General Meeting to be held on 20th February 2024, please contact Anne Cubitt on:

Mob 0422 516 283 or email mdhspinjarra@outlook.com


Coming Soon -

5-7 April 2024 – Fairbridge Festival – to be held at Edenvale Heritage Precinct, Pinjarra

“FolkWorld Inc is thrilled to announce that Fairbridge Festival will return in full swing in 2024, with an exceptional new location.


The three-day event, proudly supported by the Shire of Murray, will be held at the Edenvale Heritage Precinct, Pinjarra, from 5-7 April 2024, marking the first change in location since the festival began in 1993.


FolkWorld Inc. General Manager Lloyd Sabin said that after an extensive search for a pilot venue, the Shire of Murray’s proposal to use Edenvale Heritage Precinct perfectly captured the essence of the festival.”


18 April – 19 May 2024 – National Trust Heritage Festival

“The Australian Heritage Festival is the country's largest community-driven celebration of heritage. For more than 40 years the National Trust has connected the nation through the Australian Heritage Festival celebrations.


From the city to the regions right across Australia, the festival an opportunity for the community to immerse themselves in the country’s rich and diverse heritage, offering unmatched access to special exhibitions, tours, talks, workshops, food fairs, ceremonies, demonstrations, dinners and more.


Returning in April and May with the theme Connections, the 2024 festival will celebrate the rich and diverse stories of our nation, strengthen cultural and historical ties and encourage the community to forge new bonds. It acknowledges our link to people, places and the past, and the enduring connections that will shape the future of heritage.”


History of Pinjarra Town Water Supply – 1924

(submitted by Merv Beacham)


This photograph is purported to have been taken in 1949 and is interesting for showing what is no longer there. The two Water Tanks rear left were the Town Water Supply, drawn from the Murray River upstream of the Weir and where we used to swim.


A slight hiccup occurred in July 1924 when the water from the river was declared unfit for human consumption, but a year later tenders were finally called for a water supply scheme after the Board had borrowed (Three Thousand Pound) $6,000 and agreed to levee a rate for Townspeople of 46 cents per $2:00 – quite a heavy impost - and to charge 40 cents for the first 1,000 gallons and 25 cents per 1,000 gallons after that - also a rather large amount.


The Pinjarra Water Supply Scheme was launched 16th January 1926.


Talk about us and them! Once the water behind the weir was declared too salty for the boilers of the Steam Trains, The Railway Department built a dam on Oakley Brook in the foothills in the late 1930’s and piped sparkling fresh water for the engines and the lucky Railway Worker’s Houses. Townspeople had to wait until 1950 to get their water piped from the South Dandalup River near Fairbridge.


The brick building is purported to be the Police Horse Stables and I am awaiting confirmation. Further right are two small buildings at the rear of the Post Office where the PMG linesmen and Telephonists had lunch.

(Info from Ronald Richard’s Murray and Mandurah History book)


Note:    There is more to read on our Local History

so do come along to the Murray Districts Historical Society and see what is available.


Follow our monthly articles in the Community Newspaper for more information about the history of Pinjarra and the heritage buildings of the Murray District.  And we always welcome any stories or photos you are willing to share with us.


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Follow our monthly articles in the Community Newspaper for more information about the history of Pinjarra and the heritage buildings of the Murray District.  And we always welcome any stories or photos you are willing to share with us.


And we welcome new members.

For information about the Murray Districts Historical Society, its membership and its activities, please contact

Anne Cubitt – Secretary  mdhspinjarra@outlook.com


For assistance with research or general questions about local history, contact Merv Beacham on 0417 986 838, or Val King on 0458 673 608


For more photos and stories of the rich history of the Murray, look at our Website murrayhistory.org.au/home or visit us at the Old Schoolmaster’s House within the Edenvale Heritage Precinct.


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