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Located at the Old Schoolmaster's House, Edenvale Heritage Precinct, Pinjarra. 

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The aim of the Historical Society is to research, collect, maintain and share stories of the Murray District that stretches from North Dandalup to Coolup, from West Murray to Dwellingup – and including the vibrant town of Pinjarra.  We have a well maintained local history library, interesting displays and a large collection of photographs, documents, and display books.


We also have a strong membership of enthusiastic people and are always looking for additional members to join us.  If you have a love of history, in particular of the Murray District, or if you have information to share, please visit us.  And if you like what you see, consider becoming a member of our group.  Our general meetings with a guest speaker are open to visitors.  Other events, including bus trips, are usually restricted to members.  All visitors are welcome to browse our collections during our ‘open’ hours or by appointment.


AGM held in August 2022


A pleasant evening was had by all, highlighted with an interesting talk by Nicholas Reynolds (curator of the Mandurah Community Museum) whose speech was very clear and easy to listen to without the help of a microphone.


Nicholas told the story of the Escape of the Fenian Convicts from the Fremantle jail in 1876 and held every ones attention, from start to finish. It was nice to have many members present, meaning at the conclusion, supper was enjoyed midst friendly conversation and getting to know one another.


Interesting History of:   KITTY ROSE – Housekeeper of Edenvale

  • article Submitted by Merv Beacham

Kitty Rose was the Housekeeper of Edenvale until her death sometime prior to 1940. She came to Edenvale as a little girl of 5 or 6 years old and was cared for by Edward and Mary McLarty during her childhood.  It is believed her parents (who were of Caucasian and Aboriginal decent) asked grandma McLarty to care for her as times were hard for them. 


Mrs McLarty agreed to give Kitty Rose a home with the understanding that she be left totally in her care.  Duncan Ross returned to Edenvale with his wife Violet Herron after the death of his parents. Kitty stayed on as the Housekeeper of Edenvale for many years. 


Old Kitty Rose acquired a wireless before Duncan Ross McLarty and his children including Bill, who can remember going into Old Kitty’s lounge room to listen to the programs and music on the wireless.


Don Sinclair was a shepherd living near the turnoff to Secret Harbour on the swamp side.  The McLartys ran cattle down the coast to him and occasionally he came to Edenvale and enjoyed visiting Old Kitty.  He sat many an evening on the verandah outside her lounge room enjoying his pipe and listening to the wireless.


Kitty’s old lounge room was later converted into a bathroom consisting of a shower and toilet and is now used by the staff at Edenvale.


(Newspaper excerpt)


The Late Miss K. Rose

The funeral of the late Miss Kitty Rose took place in the Church of England portion of the Pinjarra Cemetery on December 26, 1937. The late Kitty Rose, who was 50 years of age, passed away on December 24. She was brought up from a child by the late Mr and Mrs E. McLarty, and being loved by all who knew her, will be greatly missed…


Note:    There is more to read on Miss Kitty Rose and Edenvale this can be viewed at the Murray Districts Historical Society.

Also:    If there are any further anecdotes on Miss Kitty Rose that you would like to share with the Murray Districts Historical Society, please contact Merv Beacham on 0417 986 838.

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Follow our monthly articles in the Community Newspaper for more information about the history of Pinjarra and the heritage buildings of the Murray District.  And we always welcome any stories or photos you are willing to share with us.


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Follow our monthly articles in the Community Newspaper for more information about the history of Pinjarra and the heritage buildings of the Murray District.  And we always welcome any stories or photos you are willing to share with us.


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